Monadnock Fellows


By giving the recipients:

We hope to provide enough freedom from wage slavery to allow our fellows to pursue something important in their lives. Ultimately, we feel that this small freedom has the potential to pay dividends to the larger community.


Project Updates

All we ask is that the recipients regularly share their process with the world in a manner of their choosing at roughly 2 week intervals. This does offer us the opportunity to track our investment, but the grant will not be withdrawn for non-compliance (although renewal is less likely). The most important goals of the updates are:

The exact medium, length/duration of these updates is left to the fellow to decide. A blog, online video channel, podcast, zine or comic are all valid choices; the key is regularity. The content should, in our opinion, address in equal measure what (specifically) you've been doing, how you made progress (focusing on specific techniques), and why you feel that the (specific) work was important to your larger goals / vision.

How to Apply

We accept up to 4 concurrent Monadnock Fellows. If you're interested, please email us a short bio and a brief description of the work you'd like to do.

Current Fellows (FY2021)

Previous Fellows


  1. Who owns the rights to work I create in this program?

    Participants in the program retain all rights to their work.

    However, it's possible that other opportunities may arise for a fellow at Monadnock Systems. Accepting certain additional projects may require those (separate works) to be released to the ultimate downstream client as is typical of contract work. Monadnock Systems Ltd. chooses to release all it's internal projects under permissive licenses (most typically APLv2). Any work requiring re-assignment of rights will be paid in addition to the fellowship.